Have you recently wondered what all the talk about Medicare Supplement Plan G is all about? Have you wondered what is going to happen to Medicare Supplement Plan F in the coming years?

As many of you already know, Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement Plan F will cover all of your Medicare Approved expenses. These expenses are covered in and out of the hospital. You will not have referrals or networks to deal with. You can go to any doctor or hospital that accepts Original Medicare. This plan has been very popular in the past. In the year 2020, Medicare Supplement Plan F will no longer be available. If you are currently on Plan F you will be able to keep your plan, but many people are changing their Plan F to Medicare Supplement Plan G because of rising rates in the F plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan G does not cover the Medicare Annual Part B deductible. Currently the Medicare Part B deductible is $183 for 2017. The benefits are identical to Medicare Supplement Plan F. Medicare beneficiaries should consider changing their Plan F to Plan G because as we are seeing, the rates for Plan F have been soaring. Many times I have seen a difference of $400 between the two plans and the only difference is the $183 deductible. Why pay $400 to cover a $183 Medicare Part B annual deductible?

If you are currently in a Medicare Supplement Plan F, you should seriously consider changing to the Medicare Supplement Plan G. You will also be avoiding what will inevitably be huge premium increases. Not everyone can qualify for a new Medicare Supplement. Medical underwriting will be a challenge for some but it’s definitely worth a look.

To learn more about whether you can qualify to make the change call (267) 406-0344 or email Joe@MyMedicareQuotes and we can run the quotes for you.