The Best Medicare Supplement plan that Medicare Advisers suggest to their clients today are Medicare Supplement Plan G, Plan F, and Plan N. The truth is, most standardized Medicare plans are excellent plans. Any of these plans would be an excellent choice. Plan F will no longer be available in the year 2020. The downside of purchasing Medicare Supplement Plan F right now is that  currently more people are going into Plan G and Plan N.  The risk pool for F Plans will be shrinking and therefore it becomes older and sicker in time, the rates should increase much faster than the other available plans.  If you currently have a Medicare Supplement Plan F you’ll be able to keep it however, after 2020 you will no longer to be able to buy it. Plan F along with Original Medicare will cover all Medicare approved expenses.

Medicare Supplement Plan G

has been an excellent choice for many people. Plan G is exactly the same as Plan F except it does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible. The Medicare Annual Part B deductible for 2017 is $183.00.

Medicare Supplement Plan N

is another good choice. You will still pay the Annual Medicare Part B deductible. In addition, you will pay 20% of a doctors office visit only, up to $20. You’ll also pay 20% of an ER visit up to $50 only. The only potential downside of Plan N is that it does not cover doctor excess charges. Not to worry though, 95% of doctors accept Medicare’s Approved amount. Plan N can be a great option but, for a few more dollars per month you can eliminate co-pays.