Differences between Medicare Plan G and Plan F

As I speak to many Medicare beneficiaries lately there seems to be some confusion between the differences between Medicare Plan G  and Medicare Plan F.

The difference between these two Medicare Supplement plans is very simple. Medicare Supplement Plan F will cover 100% of Medicare covered expenses including the Medicare Part B deductible. Medicare Supplement Plan G benefits are identical in every single way as Plan F except for the one fact that Medicare Supplement G Plan does not cover the Annual Medicare Part B deductible ($183.00 for 2017). That’s the only difference however; the difference in annual premium can be as much as $400.00. So the question is why would you pay up to $400.00 more annually just to cover a $183.00 annual deductible? The obvious answer is you wouldn’t. This is what makes Plan G such a better value

Medicare Supplement Plan F

will no longer be available after the year 2020. If you have the F plan after 2020 you’ll be able to keep the plan. We do anticipate that the rates are really going to skyrocket at that time because that risk pool will no longer have young healthy people entering into it. This will increase dramatically. In addition, many brokers are already advising their clients to enroll in G Plan as opposed to Medicare  Plan F.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to qualify medically for

Medicare Supplement Plan  G

if they are not in their Medicare open enrollment however, we have been able to move 90% of applicants into the Medicare Plan G without an issue. It will just depend on whether the cost makes sense. If you have Medicare Supplement Plan F , you should consider trying to change it now to Medicare Supplement G plan and start saving money. Give us a call and we can show you how you can make the change. 215-738-8100


Joe DeAngelis

Differences between Medicare Plan G and Plan F

Medicare Supplement Adviser