Find the right Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

Find the right Medicare Prescription Drug Plan while living in Doylestown, Pa and the surrounding area can be a daunting task. The first thing to do is go to

Once you’re at the home page you’ll click on the green link titled “find health and drug plans”. The next page will ask for your zip code. You will then click the “find plans” link. You will then be asked two questions. The first question you will answer “Original Medicare” and the second question for most will be answered “I don’t get extra help”. You will then click on the link titled “Continue to Plan Results”. You will then enter each of your medications, doses, and frequency. Then you’ll select your pharmacy.

Once done you’ll select “Prescription Drug Plans” and continue to plan results. Based on the information you provided you will see which plan will provide you with the least estimated out of pocket annual expense. It’s really that simple however, if you find it cumbersome you can call Medicare directly. They will do all this for you at no charge and recommend a plan.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans go perfectly with a Medicare Supplement Plan G or Medicare Supplement Plan F. Along with Original Medicare these plans will provide coverage for all three areas of Medicare. The three areas of Medicare coverage are hospital, doctor, and prescription medications. Also remember that Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage included with the plan. Medicare rules do not allow duplication of coverage by having a standalone plan along with a Medicare Advantage Plan. If you do apply for a standalone prescription drug plan while on a Medicare Advantage Plan it could result in you losing all of your Medicare Advantage coverage.

Joe DeAngelis

Medicare Supplement Insurance Adviser

Medicare Supplement Insurance Adviser