There are many different Medicare Supplemental plan in the Philadelphia area, Bucks County area, and Montgomery County areas.

There are also many Medicare Advantage options. Many of the Medicare Advantage options are through companies such as Independence Blue Cross who offers the Keystone 65 Focus HMO plan and the Keystone 65 Select plan. Aetna, Coventry, and Cigna Healthspring are several other plans available in our area and some of those plans have very little if any premium on a monthly basis however you will pay co-pays and deductibles. Many are very expensive without much additional benefit than the less expensive plans so be sure to really look closely at the different plans. Several of these plans will offer fitness memberships, vision, dental, and hearing benefits although some do not.

You will pay co-pays and deductibles. TO see a Specialist you will need a referral. Referrals today are not what they used to be. Today, many referrals are provided to the Specialist via email. These plans will require that benefits are received at a participating hospital or doctor. This means you will have to stay in “network” for your healthcare. You are covered for emergencies if travelling outside of the service or network area.


  • Low premium cost
  • Fitness Membership
  • Some plans provide Vision, Dental, and Hearing
  • Caps out of pockets expenses at $6700 (some plans are less)
  • May include Prescription Drug benefits


  • Must stay in “Network” to receive benefits
  • Requires referrals for Specialist visits
  • Requires referrals for some procedures
  • Co-pays
  • Deductibles

Medicare Supplemental or Medigap plan

A Medicare Supplemental Plan in the Philadelphia area will cover all of Medicare’s Approved expenses according to the plan you choose. There are 10 different Medicare Supplemental Plans. A Medicare Supplemental plan through companies like Aetna, Cigna, and Transamerica will cover Medicare approved charges that are not covered by Medicare however, one of the more popular plans today is the Medicare Supplemental Plan G.

Most of all Medicare along with a Medicare Supplemental Part G plan will cover all of your Medicare Approved expenses however an annual Medicare Part B deductible of $183.00 for 2017 is all that you’ll pay. In addition a beneficiary will also need to purchase a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan because a Medicare Supplement Plan will not cover Part D medications. There is an easy way to obtain a Medicare Part D plan. Go to Medicare or you can call 1-800-Medicare and they will help you choose and enroll into a Medicare Prescription Drug plan.


  • No “Networks”
  • No Referrals
  • Fixed monthly expense and no surprise out of pocket expenses
  • Go to any doctor, any hospital, that accepts Medicare
  • Medicare Supplemental plans can used anywhere in the Continental US


  • No vision, dental, and hearing benefit
  • Only one company offers a fitness membership with enrollment
  • Monthly premium
  • Does not include Medicare Prescription Drug coverage

For more information on Medicare Supplemental plans here in our area, please call 215-738-8100 or email