I’m often asked what is the difference between Medicare Supplement Plan G and Plan N. There are really only three differences between the plans.

First, as we know Medicare Supplement Plan G will cover all Medicare Approved Expenses except for an Annual Part B Deductible ($198.00 for 2020). Medicare Supplement Plan N will also have the Medicare Annual Part B Deductible. Once you have met the Annual Medicare Part B Deductible you would then pay up to $20.00 per doctor office visit only. This would include Primary Care Doctors as well as Specialists. Under Plan N you technically pay 20% of the actual doctors office bill, up to $20.00. Please don’t confuse this charge as a co-payment like an HMO or PPO type plan. There are no referrals or networks with Plan N or any Medicare Supplement Plan for that matter. As long as your doctor accepts Medicare, they will also accept your Medicare Supplement Plan.

One of the other services you would be responsible for is an Emergency Room Visit. With Plan N you would pay up to $50 for an ER visit. Technically, you would be responsible again for 20% of the approved charges of the ER visit, up to $50.00.

The only other difference between Plan N and Plan G is that Plan G will pay doctors “excess charges”. In most States a provider can charge you over and above Medicare’s Approved Amount however, in Pennsylvania providers cannot bill or charge more than Medicare’s approved amount. This additional benefit in that Plan G offers is not necessary benefit should you receive you care in PA because, providers must accept the Medicare Approved Amount. Also note that doctors in the states where they can charge excess fees, most providers do not charge the excess.

If you have questions about the differences between Plan G and Plan N, just give us a call. We would be glad to break it all down for you. Call 215-738-8100 or email Joe@MyMedicareQuotes.com

Joe DeAngelis