Which Medicare Supplement is the best?

I hear this question often and the answer is that there is not necessarily one single best company or one single best plan. The most popular plans are F, G, and N. I believe that a senior would be welled served by any of them however, if an individual is in excellent health and takes little or no medications and see a doctor once a year, the N plan would be most cost effective. If an individual is in poor health, takes many medications, and sees the doctor often then the G or the F plan may suit them better. No matter what plan you decide on, be sure to get the best rate with a company that has had minimal and steady rate increases in the past years.
2015-09-18 Update: Plan F will no longer be available after the year 2020. This is going to cause people that still have F plan at that time to experience very dramatic Medicare Supplement Plan F rate increases. People with F Plan may want to consider moving to a G plan now before the rate increases.

By Joe DeAngelis


Which Medicare Supplement is the best

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