Will my Doctor take my Medicare Supplement Plan

This is a question we often get here at the office. The answer is really quite simple. If you doctor accepts your Medicare, than they will absolutely accept your Medicare Supplement Plan. You see, when you go to a doctor or hospital, that provider completes a Medicare Claim form. On the Medicare claim form is an area for the provider to list your Medicare Supplement Plan information. Once Medicare processes the claim they pay their portion. They then notify the insurance company of their obligation for the services provided. Everything is done electronically so there are never any claim forms to be filed. Medicare Supplement Plans are not Medicare Advantage Plans therefore their are never any networks to deal with. You also will never need a referral to see a doctor. You can use your Medicare and your Medicare Supplement plan at any doctor, any hospital, anywhere is the US.

If you need more help understanding the Medicare claims process, just give us a call at 215-738-8100 and we would be glad to help break it all down for you.

By Joe DeAngelis